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Coaching. Why is it so popular? and why does everyone think that they can do it?

Updated: Dec 10, 2023

And why are there more people selling coaching courses than actually coaching?

Nearing two decades in the tech industry, I have had the opportunity to work for some amazing companies. In fact, my entire life and career has evolved and revolved around technology and cyber security. As I grew throughout my career, I found some life long friends, some people I hoped I would NEVER meet again, some incredible leaders and terrible bosses. There didn't seem to be a correlation between good companies, and good leaders. The one common denominator was the people. Which is something that we seem to be losing a grip on as the world quickly strides through it's "move fast and break stuff" mentality of needing to stay ahead of the curve to create shareholder value and please the stakeholders on the board. I believe that is why we are seeing such a demand for coaching today. People are noticing a lack of great people leaders. And the hopeful few are trying to step into these rolls, but don't know how to help.

Here I will discuss the many aspects of personal performance, great leadership coaching strategies and other fun war stories of the great leaders, and the not so great ones.

Coaching and the modern world

Yes, coaching is a thing! In fact it always has been. However, 20 years ago, it was something reserved for the C-suite or executives. And back then, no one really talked about it. We didn't want to know that our company leaders were getting coached by advisors, we thought they were doing this all on their own. And as for us, the workers, we certainly wouldn't be looking for coaching for our careers, we were getting professional direction from our managers, and healthy life advice from our parents. But, then we started to realize that our managers weren't always very good at coaching people. I'm sure that we have found ourselves with managers, who only got into their role because they were a top performer or were next in line for the job. Top performers rarely make great managers. Why? Because they are interested in their own success. There is a fundamental difference between a boss and a leader. And if you have spent any time in an organization, I'm sure you've seen both.

We also know now, that people don't stay in the same company for decades anymore. So we can't tie ourselves to a manager for great career advice, as one of us will be gone in the next 6-18 months. We are missing the opportunity for the coaching experience to guide us through our careers. This is why we are seeing so much talk in the area or personal and performance coaching these days. With it's growth in popularity brings a spike in people wanting to become coaches. Everyone with a laptop and a website suddenly think that they are skilled enough to coach others, with little to no experience in the real world. So, they then turn to selling coaching courses to other aspiring coaches. Creating "step by step" programs on how to become a coach, and start filling your sales funnel. Promising to make 10K a month in passive income! (another amazing topic for another day). The bottom line is that there are more people selling coaching courses than actual quality coaches. And there is a reason for that. Coaching is hard work. I think people make the mistake of thinking that coaching is a simple process of asking some deep questions, helping a person find their motivation, read off some inspiring quotes and then, "success!". But that is far from reality. The truth is that coaching is a process. It takes time, and commitment from both sides. If done properly, it can and should be a life altering experience. Something that you can't get from a step by step plan. The reason we see c-level executives and high performers with coaches is not because they are the ones who understand this intrinsic value. In fact it's usually the opposite. The ones who see the value, and make the commitment to performance coaching, become the top performers and c-level executives.

Chose your path wisely

Remember that coaching is not a diet or a fad, it is something that has been around for a long time, and will remain long after this trend has gone. But if you are going to embark on this journey of discovery, do it wisely and commit to the process. Choose your coach based on your needs, not their step by step plan. Know that the journey of coaching does not include a map. So chose your path wisely.

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